Private Commisions

Calligraphic Hand Rails

Inspired by eastern calligraphy, Adrian created a pair of elegant handrails – simple and beautiful in their style. They incorporate drawn down wraps, loops and circles all in one-inch thick solid bar.

Following in the footsteps of Arts & Crafts makers

One of Adrian’s clients is renovating a stunning Arts & Crafts house, featuring, as you might expect, beautiful detailing. They found fragments of the original front door bell pull, with rose buds and briar rose leaves on a tangle of branches. So badly rusted it couldn’t be restored, they invited Adrian to create a new one in the same style and using the same traditional hot forging techniques. The branch features a basket twist handle and fastens to a rose backing plate. We have more images – if you would like to see them please get in touch.

Adrian’s client is delighted with the result.

Orchard Cottage Fire Basket

Commissioned to create a log basket for clients who were renovating Orchard Cottage, Adrian wanted to design something that reflected the house’s history; his inspiration was the apple trees that surrounded it. Marked trunks support branches adorned with apple blossom and new leaves. So even on the coldest nights, with the fire blazing, there’s a reminder that spring is just around the corner.

Exterior Commisions

Conservation Grade – Traditional Gate

Made to conservation standards this gate is an example of true craftsmanship. The design reflects the tastes of 150 years ago, incorporating as is does bevel, snub end, blow over leaf and fish tail scrolls. The repoused central panel alone took Adrian over 30 hours to create. Traditional construction methods were employed not only in the creation of the components parts but also in its construction, with joints mortise and tennoned, punch and drifted or riveted.

Pond Covers

Adrian’s client had created a stunning wildlife garden with two ponds - with his first grand child on the way he commissioned Adrian to create covers using water as the design inspiration. Wind on water provided the inspiration of the larger cover – with gently waving lines running up its length. In the small pond the water feature provided the inspiration and 36 feet of straight bar went into making this spiral cover.

Puddle Lilies

Adrian’s client fell in love with the individual Cala lilies he produces as garden decoration and commissioned him to create four arrangements incorporating traditional water leaves. Different sizes with interlocking bases, the arrangements have been designed to be able to stand alone or in a group. The have been galvanized, which gives them this stunning silvered look.

Interior Commisions

Swirling Curtain Rail

Five meters of gently tapering bar has been used in the creation of this gloriously sinuous finial for this door curtain rail. Its finished length is just over 1.5m; hung with a plum velvet curtain it looks absolutely stunning.

Victorian Rocking Chair

Inspired by a line drawing in a catalogue for the 1851 Great Exhibition, Adrian created this beautiful rocking chair. He plans to finish the seat with a French brown leather and has interest from a Gallery where he hopes it will sell.

Estimated price £1500.00

Fluid Candle Holders

Copper and steel have been expertly combined to create this stunning candlestick. Adrian has created a range in different sizes – no two are identical – but they all share the same simplicity of design and fluidity of line.